For our final Kickstart Monday of 2020 we have explored the known galaxy of crowdfunding engines to bring you these two amazing projects. New to Kickstart Monday, not only do we feature a project on Kickstarter, but we also delve into Gamefound which is another popular crowdfunding engine focused on tabletop games.

ISS Vanguard

ISS Vangaurd
Image from the Gamefound Project Page

ISS Vangaurd has some serious credentials behind it. With Awaken Realms as the publisher behind this, the same guys that did Nemesis and Tainted Grail, there is real promise for another hit title.

The game itself is a coop for 1-4 players that plays out as a campaign. That’s right, it’s a campaign game and not a legacy game. What’s the difference? Well, in Legacy games you typically play out a story but also remove, damage, or modify components of the game during the course. In campaign games, you typically evolve your character with additional items, equipment, and experience by unlocking components and add ons.

The narrative of the game has been worked out by the lead writer from Tainted Grail, Polish authors Krzysztof Piskorski. This should lead to a very immersive and deep story arc for this sci-fi game.

In addition, this game has an option to upgrade the cardboard standees to plastic miniatures. For those you want or have the space for that level of immersive experience or want the extra plastic you can add them, yet aren’t forced to have those as a requirement.

Winter Queen

Winter Queen
Image from the Kickstarter Project Page

Winter Queen from CrowD Games looks to be a brilliant abstract crystal drafting and placement game. On a turn you basically draft crystals and then place them on Queendom Map board. Alternatively, you can take a crystal on the map and place it on spell books that are in your inventory. Finally, you can match patterns on your spell book tiles to score victory points. Score the most and win the game in this quick 20-30 minute promised play time.

This game feels like it takes some of the best mechanics from Azul with the crystal drafting mechanis, Tiny Towns (but with a single shared board to place crystals on), and other pattern matching games.

Did we miss your favorite project?

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