Welcome to Kickstart Monday! This is our weekly series featuring 2 or more crowdfunding projects that have caught our eye. We scour over platforms like Kickstarter, Gamefound, and Indigogo to find projects that interest us.

Blood for the Kahn

Our first project this week is the newest offering from the good folks at GooeyCube. The Kickstarter features the Blood for the Khan adventure module and the Mournwood Campaign guide where the adventure takes place.

GooeyCube: Blood for the Kahn

The Blood for the Kahn adventure sends the players on a quest for an ancient object called the Bloodcrystal and face a mysterious figure known as “The Khan”. The adventure takes place in a dark and treacherous forest called the Mournwood which is sure to be filled with monsters and mysteries to test the party’s mettle.

At WiscoDice, we have been very impressed with the quality of the GooeyCube adventures and campaigns, and this project looks to be no different. Included in the Blood for the Kahn adventure are fantastic artwork and handouts including high quality NPC portraits. Full color illustrated regional maps and battle maps are in the box not to mention an assortment of magic and special item cards. The Mournwood campaign guide book expands the work even further with history, lore, monsters, NPCs, and even more artwork and handouts. worth noting that the kickstart has both digital and physical reward options. Ultimately, I think GooeyCube really goes the extra mile to provide a Dungeon Master (DM) with an excellent set of tools to run an exciting game and with

If you are a DM looking for a new adventure or a new campaign setting to dazzle your characters, I would highly recommend checking out the Blood for the Kahn Kickstarter or any other products in the GooeyCube line. To get your hands on this one make sure to back the Kickstarter by March 25th.

From the Moon

Our second project this week is From the Moon a Kickstarter campaign from publisher La Boîte de Jeu.

From the Moon

From the Moon is a sci-fi themed worker placement game where players must develop a moon base and a team of astronauts as one of several asymmetrical factions. The game also boasts a unique “worker crafting” mechanic where you will be customizing each of one of your 3 moon rover miniatures by placing a set of astronaut minis inside of it. With your rovers and astronauts gathering the resources you need you’ll be able to expand and improve your moon base with greenhouses and laboratories. You will also be contributing to the construction and improvement of huge colony ships and their missions which is an important source of victory points.

I like the design of the game components especially the upgradable player boards which look to provide lots of different options for a strategy. The “worker crafting” mechanic is definitely intriguing and the models for the rover and astronaut miniatures look quite nice. If you are ready to strap on your spacesuit and get to work head on over to the Kickstarter page, the campaign will be ending March 23rd.

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