Welcome to Kickstart Monday!!!! This is our weekly series featuring 2 or more crowdfunding projects in the tabletop gaming industry. I scour over platforms like KickstarterGamefound, and Indigogo to find projects that interest me. People would ask me what I think is worth backing. Since I was providing these recommendations all ready, what better way to do it than post a weekly blog about projects I am interested in.

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This week on Kickstart Monday I have found a pair of board games that I think could be really fun on the tabletop. Maglev Metro is an expansion to the popular game and Legacy of Thracks – The Awakening. Let’s dive into this week’s featured games on Kickstart Monday!

Maglev Metro: Mechs, Monorails, & More!

The expansion to Maglev Metro from Bezier Games is adding more to explore in this popular game. Maglev Metro is a futuristic train game where robots will be upgrading old train tracks to updated, modern systems that can transport passengers from place to place. The board can be assembled to be different locations, 2 are included in the original game, which provide different gameplay experiences.

The Maglev Maps expansion provides 6 new maps for the main board to provide new, varied play experiences. In addition, there are upgraded passenger tokens that fully replace the ones that come in the original game. This will enhance the table presence and seems to be a must-add for anyone who has the original game.

There are even more expansions available via this project. The Mechs and Monorails expansion add a new robot city where there are giant mech robots. Monorails allow you to build a futuristic theme park where you will cater to not just regular passengers, but also VIP passengers!

Moonbases and Mars expansion let you take your trains to space. You will have new maps for each environment and new goals to build lunar bases, launch stations, and more in these environments. Of course, there are even more expansions to this hit game included in this project so make sure you check out the project page for all of the options.

If you love futuristic games or train games that are visually stunning and provide something a bit new to the train game genre then you should check out this project!

Legacy of Thracks – The Awakening

Legacy of Thracks – The Awakening from Sveda Studio is a fantasy adventure game for 1-4 players. You will explore a huge map of the game world establishing control, encountering villains, and trying to become not only the winner but stop the villain from being the winner. This game promises a blend of euro-style mechanics with luck-based resolution mechanics.

What I find particularly interesting about this game is the fact that it features several modes of play that can change up the game experience and help you learn the game. It features a basic, symmetric mode that keeps all of the heroes with the same abilities. Great for learning the game. However, you can jump into a fully cooperative mode with asymmetric abilities for each of your heroes or even clan mode where you compete not only against the game but against each other. Couple this with increasing the difficulty setting of the game and you should be able to unlock new challenges with every play.

If you love fantasy adventure games where you overcome challenges, other players, and don’t mind a little player interaction then you should check out this project active now on Kickstarter.

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