Welcome to Kickstart Monday!!!! This is our weekly series featuring 2 or more crowdfunding projects in the tabletop gaming industry. I scour over platforms like KickstarterGamefound, and Indigogo to find projects that interest me. People would ask me what I think is worth backing since I was providing these recommendations already. So why not share my thoughts with a weekly blog about projects that interest me.

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This week on Kickstart Monday I wanted to mention a miniature game that has Suzanne very intrigued with Leviathans. On top of that, Legends of Draxia is an expansion to an amazing game that you should certainly check out. Let’s take a closer look at this week’s games.

Leviathans: The Great War

Leviathans: The Great War from Catalyst Game Labs is a Steampunk flying airship tactical miniatures game. This game was originally released in 2012 and had some momentum behind it, but like many miniature games, it quickly stalled. This time, Catalyst Game Labs is not only promoting and crowdfunding the initial release but I think they have made some key changes that make this more attractive to casual players.

First, all of the models for the game will come pre-painted and pre-assembled. For someone like myself that has a huge backlog of unpainted projects, this will help ensure these models actually get to the table. In addition, the game has been packaged in easy-to-get-started bundles. Pick a faction and with the rulebook and that fleet starter you have enough to play. Add on some cruisers or other ships to give you more selection.

If you love steampunk settings and want to envision massive airships clashing in the skies then check out this project.

Legends of Draxia: Monsters of Nairu Expansion

Legends of Draxia: Monsters of Nairu Expansion from Mythica Gaming adds several new mechanics to the original game. Legends of Draxia is a fantasy game that allows players to indirectly compete against each other using cards to manage resources, create buildings, defeat monsters, and cast spells.

In this second expansion to the game, players will be faced with boss monsters, mercenaries, and two new hero cards! The boss monster mechanic in particular gives the game what I feel is a more complete and satisfying way to achieve a mission or goal. This makes the overall experience a richer and more narrative game.

If you love fantasy games that utilize cards and resource management then you should look into this project.

Did we miss your favorite project?

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