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Board Game Brunch: Sharing Donuts with Iron Man

What better way to spend Sunday morning than with sharing a Randy’s donut and coffee with Iron Man? No Randy’s Donuts here in Madison, but we enjoyed some delicious donuts from Greenbush Bakery. After fueling up, we went and had Iron Man and Hulk battle Ultron in Marvel Champions.

The Game…Marvel Champions

Marvel Champions, by Fantasy Flight Games, is a cooperative card game where each player is a Marvel superhero, working to defeat a villain. This is a great game where you are immersed in the role you choose and each player deck is built to maximize the hero’s strengths. I played as Hulk and had fun smashing the villain each round. Consey played as Iron Man and spent the early part of the game building his tech up.

Our game seemed to be going pretty well and we felt as if we were gaining ground, until Hulk died. Once that happened, it was up to Iron Man to finish off Ultron. Unfortunately, the suit hadn’t been fully built up before Hulk died, which gave him an uphill battle. He fought valiantly, but ultimately Ultron got away.

The Food…Donuts and Coffee

Brunch consisted of delicious coffee and donuts. The best donut place around here is Greenbush Bakery. We picked up some great donuts and enjoyed our Iron Man inspired breakfast.

And Beyond…

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A Weekend of Gaming

I really miss gaming at the table with groups of my friends. COVID-19 has really impacted how many of us play games on the table top. While some of us have moved to online gaming venues, others have started more solo gaming, and others accept the risks and gather as they always have. I don’t know if there is a right answer, but I am fortunate that my wife Suzanne loves playing games. We spent our Halloween weekend of 2020 playing several board games while the kids trick or treated.

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