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The Long Halloween Batman Miniature Game tournament I ran back in October is passed, but the energy of coming off a successful event is still high. That makes me excited about new terrain projects I can add to the tables as these tournaments continue to grow. Fortunately, there are a few modern terrain projects active on Kickstarter right now. Let’s dive into the couple I am most excited about.

Famous NY Fire Station STL Printable

The Famous NY Fire Station STL project from Bad Roll Games is an iconic building seen in one of our favorite 80’s movies. This iconic design, made famous by Ghostbusters, has been replaced in MDF terrain by TTCombat and others. Indeed, I actually own the TTCombat MDF piece. Yet, there is something about the additional detail that is part of the designs Bad Roll puts into their STLs that makes me very intrigued about this piece.

In addition to the Fire Station, there are a few accessories that are included that you can print to add more character to your firehouse or scenic table. Utility cabinets, sheds, and other little tidbits that are different than what I have seen offered in other projects for urban scatter.

If you are like me and are interested in building a table based on this iconic NY City Fire Station then you should consider backing this project.

Welcome to Rocket Park – 3D Printable Terrain

The Welcome to Rocket Park Project from Constantinos Caropoulos features an amusement park terrain set that you can print as either ruined or in working order. For me, one of the most iconic locations in Gotham City is Amusement Mile. That amusement park, run down and taken over by the Joker, is dark and creepy and so much different than another table of Urban two and three-story buildings on a generic street.

Much of this amusement park is also very modern so could easily become a themed table for a DC or Marvel Super Hero game. Of course, the ruined pieces work really well for your post-apocalyptic games. With a Ferris Wheel, Merry-Go-Round, Bumper Cars, Fence, Vending Machines, and more, there is plenty to really start to fill in a table of terrain.

If you are a modern or post-apocalyptic wargamer and you need a table of terrain that isn’t the same old city board then you should definitely check out this project.

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