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This week I dive into two projects that look really cool. If you have been watching the WiscoDice Discord recently, you have seen me doing quite a bit of 3D Printing. Couple that with the inspiration of the now legendary StarkRM’s (Brian) Dark Elf Tower project he started forever ago and you can see why the first project definitely had to make this list. Of course, in the second project who doesn’t like being able to mold up their army and then actually take it up against your opponent and literally smash their models? 

Spider Tower STL Files

Spider Tower STL Files is from Dani Amenguel and this project takes me back to my Warhammer days. The art from the old Warhammer Online MMO video game for the Dark Elves inspired Brian when helping figure out a terrain project he would do for our local tournament scene. Of course, year after year went by and he would steadily make progress, but never quite get the project completed. Now we can just 3D Print one!

In this project, you can pick up the STL files for the Spider Dice Tower. While this can be used as a dice tower, it truly makes a fantastic terrain piece. Standing at a little more than 21.5 inches (55 cm) tall it will definitely be the centerpiece of any wargame table you intend to play on. 

If you are into 3D Printing and want a real centerpiece to a themed table for your fantasy tabletop wargame then you should definitely look into this project!

Necromolds: Call to Arms Expansion

Necromolds: Call to Arms Expansion from Necromolds LLC is the reprint and expansion to the prevalent mold, play, and smash game. Rather than points or some other way to build a list, you actually are provided so much clay. From that, you can mold different soldiers, monsters, and creatures. Of course, once your clay runs out, your army is ready for battle. 

From there, you will roll dice and assign them to your different monsters. These dice rolls represent the commands the monster will follow. Of course, your minions will fight the opponent’s assembled forces. When any monster overcomes an opposing monster the opponent uses their Caster Ring to literally smash and stamp the defeated monster.

In the Call to Arms expansion, just expect more monsters. You will also be able to equip new weapons and armor for your creations. 

If you are interested in light rules, fun, skirmish miniature game where you get to create and smash the figures during the game then you should definitely check out this project!

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