Welcome to Kickstart Monday!!!! This is our weekly blog series that covers two or more crowdfunded projects in the tabletop gaming industry. On this week’s #KickstartMonday we dive into our love of games like Bolt Action with these projects that are sure to supplement those types of games. Of course, you might want to take a look at those buildings in the second project for your fantasy games as well!

The Unknown Tanker

The Unknown Tanker from Night Sky Miniatures promises to provide the backer with STL files for printing Russian and Finnish armored vehicles including tanks for your WW2 battles. These STL’s are scaled for 1/56 scale vehicles (roughly 28mm). These are perfect for games that use that scale figure such as Warlord Games Bolt Action.

While these tanks are themed around the Finnish and Russian battles in the war, you could easily make these part of an army you are building for either faction. The sculpts are clean, well detailed, and should print well on an FDM or resin printer.

If you just can’t get enough tanks for your WW2 games or collections, then this campaign will let you print as many of them as you want.

MDF Laser Cut Half Timbered Houses for Wargames

Every table needs terrain. This project will let you create those European or fantasy tables with towns for your games. This project features MDF Laser Cut Half Timbered Houses for those Wargames produced by Products for Wargamers. These buildings will make for great rural villages, farms, and small towns.

One could imagine their tanks rolling into a rural French village with a table featuring several of these buildings. Of course, I also think of my Dungeons and Dragons game having adventures in and around a town. Perhaps defending the town from a terrifying monster. There is something about amazing 3D terrain that helps amplify any game.

Whether you are using this terrain for a fantasy game, WW2 gaming, or something else we are sure that you will enjoy looking at these great buildings on your tabletop. If you are sure, then you should consider backing this project.

Did we miss your favorite project?

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