Board Game Brunch returns this week after a brief hiatus. We have been having some pandemic “fun” of moving and then quarantining/isolating. We realized the most appropriate game to play today was Pandemic (with the On the Brink Expansion) and our back-up breakfast.

The Game…Pandemic with On the Brink

Pandemic and the On the Brink Expansion are published by Z-Man games. In this cooperative game your are trying to control the spread of viruses through out the world. We played as the Field Operator and Quarantine Specialist. This ended up being a great pairing as the Field operative has an ability to assist with finding cures. The Quarantine Specialist did an awesome job controlling the spread and outbreaks. We were one Epidemic away from losing the game, but managed to pull out a win with finding cures for the main viruses.

The Food…Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches

As part of our pandemic preparations, we had a box of Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches in the freezer. These were reserved for our last resort breakfast when we were very low on food and too sick to order groceries or cook. That day came today. Paired with a cup of coffee, the sandwiches provided us a good start to the morning so we could game.

And Beyond…

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