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Kickstart Monday: Cyberpunk Miniatures and Office Politics Await You

Welcome to Monday everyone! This week, let’s look at two new Kickstarter Projects that you might want to consider supporting

Gridwars: Age of Cyberpunk

From Titan Forge Games, Gridwars: Age of Cyberpunk is a complete miniature wargame Kickstarter project. Fire up your 3D printer because it’s going to be busy when you receive your rewards for this campaign. All of the figures, terrain, and materials are available as digital only products to you based on your backing level. If you have a good 3D printer and your friends don’t then go all in and print out crews for everyone to play!

Miniatures use hex bases and a hex based battlefield to play out games on. Each scenario is set to feature role playing game elements so that you can hopefully capture the narrative of the factions during the game. The most unique thing appears to be the energy system where, at the start of turn, you will assign energy resources to units that later can be used to boost attacks, defense, and other abilities.

Welcome to Sysifus Corp

Sysifus Corp from Pegasus Games advertises this board and card game as a cut-throat corporate board game. During the game, you will be playing as employees of the Sysifus Corporation. Your ambition, and desire to win the game, will require you to work your way to the top of the company.

During each turn you will be managing a hand of cards, playing cards in various combos and chains, and every so often stepping on the other players with a bit of take that.

If you have been missing the corporate politics from working from home too much, this game should be sure to get you back into the swing of it. Of course, by the time you receive your copy most of you will have probably returned to the office. Of course, if you like games where you mess with your opponents plans with quite a bit of take-that game play, enjoy cards, and don’t mind a bit of tile placement to boot then this game is likely for you.

Did we miss your favorite project?

If you find these interesting, or think I missed a Kickstarter that you would like to hear more about please share your thoughts with us via our social media or at our email.

Lightening Strikes: Conesy’s Age Of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals

More hobby work is up. Local store Pegasus Games ran a recent 1500 point Age of Sigmar tourney and this, with help from Combat Phase Kenny Lull who keeps talking to me about AoS, motivated me to build and increase my fledgling Age of Sigmar force. The tournament was a blast and I managed to win 2 games and lose my third to Kenny actually….

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Opening of the Heavens

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar game Khorne Chaos vs High Elves

Across the realms the sudden rolling thunder and scintillating flashes heralded no mere storm, but the start of a new era. Much rode on the sudden shock attacks of the Stormcast Eternals, for Sigmar knew he had only one shot at taking his almighty foes unaware. A single failure could spell disaster….

WiscoDice will be putting on a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar tournment at Pegasus Games on August 22, 2015 starting at 10 am. This is intended to be a narrative event, fun for everyone and everyone will walk away with something from this event!

Rules pack version 1.0, including round 1 scenario, is available for this event. Hopefully we can get 8-16 peeps out for this event.

There will be a $10 entrance fee that will contribute 100% to prize support for this event. If there are enough people out, we will have door prizes on top of the top awards in the rules pack. Event will be at Pegasus Games Madison on August 22nd. Schedule included in the rules pack.

Please share and invite your friends:

Rules Pack Version 1

Episode 55: Firing Up the Hobby

Episode 55

In this episode, our hosts are joined by local Madison Warhammer new guy Eric the StoneMonk. In the main topic, the hosts explore getting motivated to work on hobby stuff. After all, this is the first step to actually getting models on the table and being played with! Several thoughts are discussed on how to change up what your doing to get that paint brush or hobby knife and glue going and get back to work on your models.

Also recapped is the WWHFB Tournament of Champions which was held at Pegasus games. This was a great, small and friendly tournament that has been done for the second time. Listen to see how the games went and who the winners were.

Make sure you submit your questions for future editions of the Cheesecurd segment! Just send them in to [email protected]. We would love to hear your questions.

Current Episode


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