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On this week’s Kickstart Monday it’s only proper that we fully embrace the spooky season with two games that will surely get their fright on at your table. First, we’ll look at Fingal Girl: Series 3. Of course, we want to make sure we share the terror with our friends so we are looking at The Night Cage’s new expansion, Shrieking Hollow.

Final Girl: Series 3

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Final Girl: Series 3 from Van Ryder Games will be sure to put a scare in you, or at least a really great solo experience with new villains and heroines. One of our favorite solo play game experiences is bringing new sci-fi and horror-inspired themed killer characters and locations to terrorize your game experience.

In Final Girl, you select your Heroine, Location, and Killer from your collection and set up the appropriate decks of cards. This gives you a plethora of additional combinations beyond the “Feature Film” experiences included in each box. Of course, all of the Feature Films do require you to own the Core Box in your collection. Of course, there are opportunities for you in this project to pick up the core box, any of the big all-in-season collections, or all of the new collections.

If you like sitting in the dark being hunted by your favorite killers in a solo game experience then you definitely should check out this project as it is set to end in just a few days!

The Night Cage: Shrieking Hollow

The Night Cage: Shrieking Hollow from Smirk and Dagger Games has rapidly become a hit game for this time of year! This is the biggest expansion yet for the Night Cage, adding a new board that features the pit. Now when you fall into a hole, you fall into the pit and must climb your way out. Of course, The Other awaits you there and when it arises from the pit it will create havoc on the main board.

In The Night Cage, you and your friends are trapped in a labyrinth with the light of a candle. There are various monsters that lurk in the halls. Each turn you normally must move to a new tile, if that tile isn’t on the map you draw a new tile from the stack. From there, all of the tiles no longer lit by your calendar fall off the map and any new locations that don’t have a tile will have one added. This means the map is constantly changing as you explore to find a key and a gate to make your way out of this horror.

If you want a great cooperative game with your friends that is sure to ramp up the adrenaline while you play by candlelight then you should definitely check out this project.

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