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Episode 97: Back to School Games

September in the United States means kids are back in school and the days start getting shorter. Join the WiscoDice crew as they discuss their picks for back to school games and talk with the designers of Stifling Dark.

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Episode Show Notes

  • Games We Have Been Playing ….. 02:42
  • Hobby Corner ….. 25:21
  • Interview with Sophisticated Cerberus Games ….. 33:34
  • Back to School Games …. 1:02:57

Stifling Dark: Sophisticated Cerberus Games Links

Batman Miniatures Tournament – The Long Halloween

Extra Life Campaign

Read on for links to the games discussed and pictures from our hobby projects.

Board Game Brunch: Back and Saving Our Oceans

After a short hiatus, Board Game Brunch is back. This week we’re exploring one of our GenCon2022 impulse buys. Conesy and I try to control the oil spill, rescue marine animals, and enjoy some ocean inspired treats.

The Game…The Spill

The Spill, By Smirk and Laughter has you cooperatively trying to contain an oil spill, remove oil from the ocean, and rescue marine animals.

Reminiscent of Pandemic by ZMan Games, The Spill, has each player performing the role of a different specialist with unique abilities to aide in the ultimate goal. Even with a limited amount of action points per turn, the game can lull you into a false sense of competency, until the oil spill starts spiraling out of control. This is aided by the randomness of the dice drop before each turn.

This game was an impulse buy at GenGon 2022 for us. We enjoy playing cooperative games as a couple and and this one caught our eye with the oil rig dice tower and colorful marine animals. Initially, I was not expecting much from it, but a fun, medium weight game to pull out occasionally. Well, I have now played it 5 times in just under 2 weeks. I’ve only won twice, but the losses have not kept me from wanting to try again. Next game I plan to crank up the win conditions to the hard level.

The Food…Ocean Inspired Treats

Brunch consisted of various snack like foods with inspiration from multiple websites. We had banana dolphins playing in a sea of blue gelatin. An orang octopus surrounded by krispy treat star fish covered in oil (chocolate0 and sand (crushed graham crackers). We also enjoyed some fish swimming near the beach (pudding with gummy fish). And of course, a cup of oil (coffee) to wash it all down!

And Beyond…

Looking for other Board Game Brunch Games and Food Parings? Check them out here: Have a game or food you would like to see paired for an upcoming Board Game Brunch? Let us know via social media.

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