This week on Kickstart Monday we will take a look at Magna Roma and some great alternate wooden game components.

Magna Roma

Courtesy of the Kickstarter Page

Archona Games has published what looks like a great game with Magna Roma. In the game you have been summoned by the Emperor of Rome to build it’s great expansion. During the game you will produce resources, place tiles, and build your city to be better than your opponents.

The game features a combination of tiles, miniatures, coins, a other components that make you feel like you have dove into ancient Rome. From what’s shown on the Kickstarter page this game looks like it really takes it’s theme into what should be a very immersive experience with great mechanics that are unique enough for it to make a spot in your game collection.

Printed Game Components

Courtesy of the Kickstarter Page has launched another project to add more game components to their available products. There are 50 new designs that will be produced if the project is successful. These are wooden game components will printed designs on them. So not only are the cool shapes, but the art work carries over so that each token seems more representative of what it is in game. These kind of accessories, while not necessary, really help aid the immersion factor.

Available as well are the original tokens that they produced previously. If you are looking to add a collection of unique game components to your board gaming experience this project may have you covered.

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