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3 in 15!!! AuZtralia, Mental Blocks, and Magna Roma Board Game Reviews

3 in 15 is our monthly YouTube show and we review 3 board games in roughly 15 minutes. These are quick reviews of games that we have played a few times.

Top 10 Board Games of All Time!!!

Conesy and Suzanne share their list of Top 10 Board Games of All Time in our latest video. Let us know in the comments what your favorite games are and if any of your favorite games made our top 10!!!

Kickstart Monday: The Old Ones Wake for Ragnarok

It’s the start of the work week again. Time for a little Monday morning distraction with a couple of crowd funding projects to distract you.

AuZtralia Big Box + Expansions

From the Kickstarter Page

SchilMil Games with partnership with designer Martin Wallace are working on expanding the AuZtralia game with a big box and two new expansions. The mythos had previously taken over the world, but humanity has pushed them back to Australia. Now Cthulhu and the other great old ones fight back against humanity to desperately cling to their hold on Earth.

The base game features an exploration of Australia as you try to settle it from your beach head. Build military units, build farms, and collect resources. Combat with the old ones is card driven with different types of units being better against different types of monsters. Players play as different factions trying to retake (and make a profit) on Australia. Can you muster what it takes to overcome the last of the Old Ones?

On top of the big box for storage, the Revenge of the Old Ones expansion enables a player to take control of the old ones to make for a one vs. many play experience. Meanwhile, the TaZmania expansion gives players some alternate maps that scale the game down better for a 2-3 player experience.

Courtesy of their Kickstarter Page

Mythic Battles: Ragnarok

From Monolith Board Games comes another epic game with loads of figures, cards, and other components in Mythic Battles: Ragnarock. Based on the same Mythic Battles engine from Mythic Battles: Pantheon, in this game you will play out the epic Norse mythology of Ragnorok with various Norse gods and their foes.

What’s for sure to be included in this project are a plethora of well sculpted plastic figurines. What’s even cooler is that they are diving into Norse mythology. If the original Greek mythos wasn’t your thing from the Pantheon game then this could be more your visual style.

If this kind of thing sounds like fun, then check out Mythic Battles: Ragnarok.

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Kickstart Monday: Unlock Ancient Rulers, Blood Red Skies, and Mars Expeditions

If you are looking for the best Kickstarter projects to back then you have come to the right place. This week might be a little hard on your wallets so be warned! In this week’s Kickstart Monday I have a blockbuster 3 projects to feature instead of the normal two so let’s get started!

Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition

Terraforming Mars has been a hit game since when it was initially released. Now it’s been re-imagined into a card game with Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition. Stronghold Games is looking to crowd fund another new game. While one might question if they don’t have enough money from all of those copies of Terraforming Mars that they have sold over the years, it’s exciting to see new content in a new form for this hit game.

The game will be broken up into turns. Each turn has a set of phases. During the first phase, you can play a green card that lets you spend the appropriate resources to build on Mars. The next phase is the construction phase. You can play either a blue or red card. Blue cards will give you additional actions or effects while red cards are events that should be beneficial to your overall strategy.

During the action phase you will take any card actions that you have in front of you. These actions might let you collect resources or populate Mars with Earth life. The production phase will then let you generate all of the resources you have from your cards as well as mega credits equal to your terraforming rating.

The final phase of the round will be the research phase where you will draw two new project cards, keep one, and discard the other. Just like in Terraforming Mars, when the oxygen, heat and oceans make the surface habitable by life the game ends. Score up any final scoring and whoever has the highest terraforming rating wins!

Blood Red Skies Digital Edition

Blood Red Skies is a hit game from Warlord Games that lets players play out the dog fights of WW2 battles. This game has big designer credentials with Andy Chambers designing the original rules for the miniature version of the tabletop game. This project will let players take those games to the digital realm, allowing you to play more games and form new friendships.


Regency Game
Courtesy of their Kickstarter Page

Regency the Game from Pique Games allows players to play as various famous rules and attempt their hand at creating the greatest kingdom in history. You will do this by using your influence to recruit citizen cards to your kingdom. From there, these citizens will provide additional capabilities to you on future turns. Collect all six different citizen cards to score the immediate victory!

This game promises player interaction which is something that seems to be cut out more of games as of recently. Don’t worry, you will have ways to defend your kingdom from the other players. Best part, is that this game is available for you to try right now on Tabletop Simulator.

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