Welcome to Kickstart Monday!!!! This is our weekly series featuring 2 or more crowdfunding projects in the tabletop gaming industry. I scour over platforms like Kickstarter, Gamefound, and Indigogo to find projects that interest me. People would ask me what I think is worth backing since I was providing these recommendations already. So why not share my thoughts with a weekly blog about projects that interest me?

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For this week’s Kickstart Monday I am bringing another preview Kickstarter that I am extremely excited for. In addition, I have been tempted by every project Awaken Realms has done, but I haven’t quite taken the plunge yet on this title. Let’s dive into these projects with a bit closer look.

The Stifling Dark

The Stifling Dark from Sophisticated Cerberus Games adds a new element to the hidden movement horror board game. After we interviewed the designers as part of Episode 97 and featured this as a game to check out at Gen Con 2022 in Episode 95, I am excited about this game. 

The Stifling Dark is a board game for 2-5 players. One player takes on the role of the “Adversary”. The Adversary must stop the other players known as investigators from escaping. Using hidden movement, the adversary player moves about the board, taking action in silence and allowing the suspense to build. Pretty standard stuff for a hidden movement game.

This game is different from other hidden movement games because the investigators have flashlight templates. These templates control the investigator’s line of site mechanics. As the game progresses, the investigators may uncover clues as to where the adversary has been as well as discover the way to escape. 

If hidden movement games with a great horror theme get you excited then you should definitely check out this project!

Tainted Grail: Kings of Ruin

Tainted Grail: Kings of Ruin from Awaken Realms is the next installment in this hit series of board games. This is a stand-alone game in this series. This game will bring more exploration into the Tainted Grail universe and is quite similar to the original game. You will play as a character, explore locations, gain in ability and equipment, and uncover the story of the game. 

Where Kings of Ruin differs from other Tainted grail games is that each location has two sides. The new “wyrdness-covered” side represents the same land under the control of a chaotic power giving you new secrets to delve into. Additionally, three unique guardian creatures wander the realm. These Kings of Ruin offer new boss-level encounters that you can explore with combat and diplomatic encounters. 

Of course, this new game streamlines card mechanics, enhances exploration rules, and adds even more secrets. All of this hopes to make the player experience improved. Overall, this game appears to really have learned from its predecessors and is focused on delivering the best possible game experience for an immersive, story-rich campaign. 

If you love great fantasy figures, immersive campaign storytelling, and Arthurian legend then you should definitely give this project a try!

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