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Episode 96: GenCon 2022 Wrap-up Show

It’s been a month since Consey and Suzanne went to GenCon. In Episode 96, they talk about their GenCon2022 adventures with Justin. They also chat with Keith Matejka from Thunderworks Games and learn about his current Kickstarter, Dawn of Ulos.

Download the Episode Here!

Episode Show Notes

  • Games We Have Been Playing ….. 01:02
  • Interview with Thunderworks Games ….. 16:06
  • GenCon 2022 Recap …. 41:01

Dawn of Ulos: Thunderworks Games Links

Read on for links to the games discussed and pictures from GenCon 2022 Adventures.

Board Game Brunch: Battle for Dominance

Board Game Brunch is back this week with a life or death battle. Dominant Species with a food chain breakfast. Which species came out on top and did Orla (the dog) succeed in getting the steak? Read on to find out!

Dominant Species - Board Game Brunch
Dominant Species – Board Game Brunch

Board Game Brunch: Destroying the Land of Godzilla

For Board Game Brunch this week we took a trip to the land of Godzilla. We played Kaiju Crush and enjoyed sushi from our local restaurant.

Board Game Brunch: Taking a Trip to the Land of Godzilla

Kickstart Monday: Majestic Mountains Are Ready for Exploration

Welcome to Kickstart Monday! Kickstart Monday is our weekly series where we feature two or more crowdfunded projects in the tabletop gaming industry. This week, we are looking at two games that feature mountain fairing fantasy races.

Fall of the Mountain King

Courtesy of their project page

Fall of the Mountain King from Burnt Island Games features the prequal game to their popular In the Hall of the Mountain King game. In this game you will collect and build a tableau of ancestry cards that will add to your in game actions. This will ultimately lead to an interesting territory control game on the game board.

This is a complete stand alone game. Like many of these sequel/expansion projects there are options to get the original game in the series. If you enjoy playing the bad guys, like games that have euro mechanics, and like games that feature great player interaction then these games are likely to delight you.

Dwar7s Winter & The Lost Tribes

Courtesy of their Project Page

Dwar7s Winter & The Lost Tribes is the latest game and expansion to the popular Dwar7s games from Vesuvius Media Ltd. While these games boast their unique cartoonish art style that makes them family friendly, there is plenty of game in the boxes.

In Dwar7s Winter, you will pick up in the fall and play more of a tower defense game, something unique for the series. You will build squads, man the walls, and defend the outpost from marauding monsters.

For the Dwar7s: The Lost Tribes expansion adds ogres, crystal dwarfs, and half-bloods. With more content for this great game, and more figures, this alone should make this Kickstarter popular. This particular expansion is a Kickstarter exclusive so make sure you back now to get your copy.

Did we miss your favorite project?

Thank you for checking out this week’s Kickstart Monday! If you find these interesting or want some attention on a Kickstarter or other crowdfunded projects that you would like to read more about please share your thoughts with us via our social media or at our email.

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