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Battle Report: Lizardmen vs Tomb Kings

Second game of  Age Of Sigmar tonight against Kenny from the Combat Phase Podcast. In this game we played 50 wounds with 20 minimum models. I feel like the lists started out balanced and was much more comfortable with the rules. I am sure that a player could still find a way to bring a very broken list with those rules, but this made for a smaller game that we could play and still be able to focus on learning the mechanics and deal with disruptions. When I say disruptions, I really mean the 3 players that came in asking about the game and what’s new with these rules and how they could get started.

To Warsphinx or Not to Warsphinx

Ok, so folks have asked around a bit for solid Tomb King tips. Can the army be made to work? Is it as bad as people say it is. Well, here’s some tips for playing Tomb Kings.

First, let me start that I haven’t started moving down the road of special characters. I think there are a couple of them in the book that can really boost the army where it needs boosting, but I am not the kind of guy that puts them on the table. Especially when I am learning the army. If I can’t make an army work without them, then I am probably not going to get over the hump when I add special characters.

Tomb Kings for Conesy has been the first time I have ever put an army that didn’t have psychology, that didn’t take normal break tests, and didn’t have troops that had the ability to flee. It is really different and took a little bit to get used to. It really is a different approach to playing Warhammer and very full filling. I find myself enjoying my games more, even when I am getting tabled and getting even more excited when my troops are throuncing my foe, running down units, and generally watching my casket bounce from unit to unit of the foes causing immense destruction.

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