Image is of Under Falling Skies game box, brat and corn on the cob, and Under Falling Skies game play
Board Game Brunch: Independence Day Editions

In the U.S. we are celebrating Independence Day today. In honor of that we did some traditional American grilling for brunch and paired it with a game of Under Falling Skies by Czech Games.

Image is of Under Falling Skies Game Box
Under Falling Skies Game Box

Under Falling Skies is a solo game reminiscent of the Atari video game Space Invaders. The game also reminds me of the movie Independence Day, starring Will Smith. There are multiple scenarios and difficulty levels to choose from as well as a campaign mode. To not ruin any of the campaign surprises, I played a difficulty level one game trying to defend New York City.

Image is of Under Falling Skies Game Play
Under Falling Skies Game Play

I was doing pretty well keeping the aliens at bay and increasing my research tract. The last two rounds, the dice rolls were not in my favor and I couldn’t hold them off. Unfortunately New York City fell to the alien race. I currently lose this game more than I win, but it’s a fun, quick solo game with easy set up. I find it a great one to play when I need just a few minutes to myself.

Image is of Jell-O poke cake, brat on bun, corn on the cob, and a pickle
Board Game Brunch Food

Brunch consisted of grilled brats and hot links accompanied by corn on the cob with Jell-O Poke Cake. You can’t have bratwurst without grilled onions, which were sautéed with beer and the drippings from the sausages as they cooked. Of course, corn on the cob is a summer and autumn tradition for us and made perfect sense. The Poke Cake finished it off with a beautiful red, white and blue really added to celebrating the holiday!

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