Welcome to Kickstart Monday!!! Another week and it’s time to focus in on a pair of new crowdfunded projects for you to look at.

Lonely Undead

Courtesy of Dead Lemon Games

It’s time to kick this off with Lonely Undead from Dead Lemon Games. Take the role of a recently turned zombie and explore a town, overcome heroes, turn some townsfolk into zombies (or snacks), and just try to make friends in undeath.

This game features solo and coop modes on top of the standard competitive rules. Designed as a light strategy game, you will have a hand or resource cards that you will be able to utilize to help drive the action on the unique town game board. Unique art is featured throughout the game.

If you ever wanted to play a zombie game from the perspective of the zombies, lighter strategy, and something you should be able to get to the table with your gamer buddies then you should check out Lonely Undead.

Dice Lords

Courtesy of their Project Page

In Dice Lords from Voltz Games where you will collect dice to create little dice armies of creatures, take on your friends, and grow your collection of collectible, hand drawn dice. Each dice represents a various creature and the base getting started includes 5 dice, a dice bag, a map, and the rules. Build up your collection for more variety and bigger games.

During the game, you will activate one of your dice that represents one of your creatures. These creatures have their own statistics printed on the dice themselves. As the creatures take damage you will change the dice facing representing updated stats and the impact of damage.

If you like tactical movement games, cool dice, and fantasy creatures this is a great game for you to check out.

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