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The third week has been played out and good times were had by all of us that made it out. We had 6 of us out when we were making pairings so went with that. We had 2 more show up later, but it was too late for pairings as we were all playing and those two got to hang out and hobby. I will note that pairings were much more exciting with 5 players per team then three, but even then, there was strategy afoot in the pairings. While chaos has been on a tear with last week’s victories, order still controlled far more of the old world. With eyes set on the Battle for Karak Eight Peaks and the fall of Riekland, we paired up and played Warhammer.

  1. High Elves (Fred) vs Warriors of Chaos (Conesy)
  2. Dwarfs (Gordon) vs Skaven (Trevor)
  3. Empire (Nick) vs Ogres (Ben)

So far, the campaign has worked out well for me. This is the third week I have played and I have been having a blast. I don’t feel like my chaos army is over powered, playing with a lot of Khorne units means my army has a very good tendency to be pulled all over the place. In this game, I knew the high elves were sporting the Banner of the World Dragon in his swordmaster star and that was going to cause me a ton of grief if he drew my frenzied units into a position where that unit could charge. This was largely due to the fact that all of my knights and skullcrushers have enscorcelled hand weapons!
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We set up the terrain for the game to look like the wilderness outside an Empire village, to theme with the push of chaos into the lands of the Empire. There was a long river, which was also going to make things interesting, but since both of our armies wanted to maneuver, I took the side of the table with less river near my deployement zone. We rolled up battleline for the scenario of course, so we deployed and set about the game.

Fred wanted to use the bridge away from the town to move his cavalry and swordmasters to the other side so moved the swordmasters up quick and moved the cavalry behind a bit. To counter this I moved up my Khorne knights with lord and skull crushers in a position that looked to take those swordmasters in the flank. In reality, I didn’t want anything to do with those swordmasters due to all of my magical attacks, but Fred bought my bluff and used repositioned his silver helm cavarly in the river rather press the issue with the swordmasters. This gave me an avenue to charge with the Khorne chaos knights with lord other then the swordmasters. I lost a knight to Dangerous Terrain on the way to the swordmasters, but I beat them soundly in combat and without steadfast due to the river, they broke and fled. After my nurgle warrior block beat a flamespyre pheonix, they took the chance to flank charge the swordmasters, but with some poor dice rolls, I didn’t leave nearly enough of a mark on them, they revealed that they were stubborn due to a magic item and then reformed to face. In the following round, those same nurgle warriors felt it was better to try to run. As the cowards they were, they were cut down.

In the end, neither of us had a lot left on the board. Fred, looking for a few points irresistibly cast his first spell in his second to last magic phase with just a single wound left on his caster. The spell did the final wound and the wizard died letting me score the win. Moral of the story, in a close game in either a tournament or a campaign like this, it is often better to not go for it all with a spell caster when they are perilously close to death.

Chaos though, wins out another week with my victory as well as skaven winning their game. With 2 chaos victories over order’s 1, we were able to take Riekland. At this point in the campaign, Karak Eight Peaks is heavily embroiled in battle and since the Skaven won, have taken the city.