My Tomb Kings work was a main focus of my hobby for a while so it has come up many times when I have been on the show.  I have had this army for many years but like all the rest of them it is far from acceptably complete.  I have a few big projects in mind that I am yet to start and aside from them there is a ton of assembly and especially paint to be done.


Theme: Army of Ptra

This idea was slowly grown over time from my search for inspiration of what color/s to paint my Tomb Kings.  I always wanted them to be rather bright and, out of ordinary for Tomb Kings, untarnished/aged.  What would be the reason they didn’t succumb to the harsh desert climate? Also what color would this be?  I think both of these ideas came together when I saw the movie Immortals.  The gods in the movie dawned completely gold clothes/armor and bore silver weapons which I thought was pretty cool looking.  I could do this with my Tomb Kings!  The idea was more readily linked in my mind by my previous idea of the army being an army of a god which came from the Mummy Returns movie: the army of Anubis controlled by the Scorpion King.  Then with the Epirus bow in Immortals firing arrow of light it dawned on me to make my Tomb Kings the Army of Ptra, the sun god, and also including Scorpion King Monster/Necrosphinx (If you smell what the Rock is cooking!).  The Necrophinx not being a character model lead me to think who would general this army?  I also found my answer from The Mummy Returns, how Imhotep could gain control of the army of the god(Ptra) and Scorpion King, he would be the general.  Imhotep is a BAMF and I’m yet to figure out how to represent him.  It may be a special character; Settra, a Tomb King and Hierophant combined and wielding the Blade of Ptra but seems to weaken the magic not being able to include a level 4 at reasonable point sizes; Khatep also THE High Priest but leaves plenty to be wanted in combat; or a generic king or priest but don’t seem nearly powerful enough to be Imhotep.  Khalida is a cool option to double as Anuk-su Namun too.