Maybe you have that great Tabletop Gaming Room. Maybe you have settled even on the perfect Gaming Table for your home. Maybe those are things you are still working towards having. Either way, there are always things that will help enhance your gaming area and experience. Let’s take a look at those top accessories you want in your tabletop gaming room!

The Delve. The Tabletop Gaming Room at Conesy's Home
The Delve – Conesy’s Tabletop Gaming Room

Like most gamers these accessories are all optional. In addition, I have sorted them a bit by how important of versatile they are to the collection and by general category. Not all of these items will be good fits for your game room or the types of games you play. Hopefully though, you will get some ideas of what to add to your room. We would love to hear about things you are using to accessorize your gaming room so give us a shout out if you think we missed something.

Resource Markers and Counters

Poker Chips

Assorted Poker Chips

Poker chips are great accessories for both miniature games, board games, and RPGs. A poker chip has so many uses. Whether you need to mark an objective, use it as a reminder, replace tokens from a game, or even in place of money for a game. On top of that, you are just a deck of cards away from hosting poker games if that’s something you are interested in!

Metal Coins

Metal Coins are Always a Nice Addition

I love my metal coins. Whether you are playing a role playing game or board game these are really cool to help add to the immersion. Over the years I have collected a few types of coins and keep them in a plastic bin for easy storage.

There is just something special about the clink and weight of the coins that seems to make players happy at the table. Add a few cloth bags and give them to your players as they explore a dungeon.

These metal coins from Minion Games are some of the coins I own myself.

Upgraded Components and Tokens

Fancy Components

Most board games and a lot of miniature games have tokens or components printed on heavy card stock or plain wooden tokens. There’s nothing wrong with these tokens, but a laser cut plastic upgrade token or resin/metal replacement tokens can really increase the immersion for the players.

Stonemaier Games produced a number of Kickstarter projects several years ago for Treasure Chests which is what I show pictured above. They are no longer available, but the tokens themselves can be picked up from Top Shelf Gamer.

Dice and Dice Management

Spare Dice

Spare Dice

If there is one thing I have learned over years of gaming it’s that you can never have too many dice! Whether you are sitting down to play a role playing game with friends who forgot to bring their dice, playing a board game and need a few extra dice so you don’t have to pass the dice around the table, or a few quick numeric counters for a miniatures game you will find a spare set of dice very handy.

I like to keep at least a dozen or so six sided dice (or more) on hand as well as a spare set or two of polyhedral dice. Even if I am not playing RPGs, the polyhedral dice are excellent number counters for damage tracking and countdown markers for various games.

Chessex is one of my favorite companies to pick up unique dice.

Dice Trays

Dice Tray

When rolling dice they have a habbit of going everywhere, knocking down figures and bumping into the game set up. Not to mention falling on the floor or flying to the other side of the table. Take back your table and gaming space with a good dice tray.

These days you can get dice trays that are made for your game room or for travel. I happen to have both which makes it handy for me to have a spare dice tray if I need it at the game store or other places I commonly travel to.

I really like my dice trays, but these trays from Wyrmwood are really cool.

Dice Towers

Much like a dice tray, a dice tower will help keep your table handy. Simply drop your dice in the hole at the top and they are bounced around nicely and pop out the bottom, typically to a built in tray where you can review the result.

I have used dice towers over the years and they are handy, but they do take up a bit of vertical space which can be inconvenient at the gaming table.

Master Monk Gaming features a magnetic wooden dice tower that’s a really nice complement to their dice vaults.


I won’t get into the chairs, game tables, and other big furniture objects. If you are interested in options for your gaming table you might want to check out our article on what to look for in a tabletop gaming table.

TV Tray Tables

There are always those times where you need more table space. Extra table space separate from your game table is very convenient. My set of TV tray tables has come in useful when the pizza shows up and people need a place to set their plates of greasy goodness. They have also come in handy when you have that game you are setting up that takes up an insane amount of table real estate.

Where I find these tables come in very handy is when I need to play a miniature game. In this case, the tray table helps the players have a place to stage models, rulebooks and other components while the game is being set up and played. Adding to their usefulness any time I am the GM in a game, where playing as an overlord (player vs. many) board game or as the game master in a role playing game it’s just spare space to place rule books and other components that I may need available to play the game.

Sometimes also called snack tables, these tables from Target are pretty good.

Table Toppers

There are times when your game table just isn’t large enough and needs to be expanded. Some games are just table hogs and require more playing surface. Scaling up your game space because you need a larger play area for a miniature game or a game session that needs to accommodate more players can easily be accommodated with a topper sized for the occasion.

Table toppers could be a fancy commercial or as simple as just some play wood boards that you can put on top of an existing table surface. The idea here is that you can scale up your play space as needed when the need occurs.

What Else Is Out There?

There are so many products that are on the market that it’s hard to cover everything in detail. We’ll be sure to add reviews of various products to the site as we find and add them to our gaming room. If you have something you find useful that we didn’t talk about please let us know.