1000 Point Dwarf Army Ready for Battle

I recently played a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles against Brian’s Vampire Counts. It was great fun, even if the game didn’t go my way. Seeing the battle lines form up, come together, and due battle was a blast.

Conesy’s Diary: 3/11/2021

Go, listen to the show!

My Dwarf Army List. This definitely wasn’t optimized for 1k, but used what I had painted to the theme and standard so that the army looked unified.

  • Dwarf Lord on Shieldbearers
    • Armed with a great weapon
    • Armor engraved with a rune of stone
  • Runesmith
    • Armed with a great weapon
    • Armor engraved with a rune of stone
  • 23 Dwarf Warriors
    • Armed with great weapons
    • Standard, Musician, and Champion
  • 10 Dwarf Quarrelers
    • Equipped with shields
  • 16 Dwarf Hammerers
    • Standard, Musician, and Champion
  • Gyrocopter

Here’s more pictures of the game itself:

Deployment from the Vampire Counts Point of View
Another View of the Deployment
The Initial Round 1 Movements
The Dwarf Lines Setting to Receive the Undead Charge
The Grave Guard Smash into the lines on Round 2
Measuring that Fatal Overrun Move that Overcame the Dwarf Lord
Round 3 is Over. The Dwarf Lord was Cut Down and the Warriors are Engaged
The Grind of the Dwarf Army Continues
The Last Stand of the Dwarfs in Round 5