It’s closing in on the spooky time of year. For this week’s Kickstart Monday, I wanted to focus on some zombie fun. For the first kickstarter, while not a Zombie game, the company producing it is Zombie Orpheus. These guys are best known for their videos, movies, and stand up routines. However, they are producing a campaign setting for your favorite RPG. The Fartherall Companion: Deluxe Edition is going to to actually ship this November. This campaign setting is for their world of the Journeyquest YouTube series. If you haven’t watched it, and don’t mind a little lower budget but fun humor fantasy series you should check that out as well.

Dead Through Time Part 2 – 28mm Undead/Zombie Miniatures is a porject to make various Zombie miniatures over the course of time by Studio Miniatures. This Kickstarter’s goal is to add Roman Zombie figures to their line of Greek, Persian, Viking and Anglo-Saxon Zombies that they have all ready produced via previous Kickstarter attempts. These are all 3D printed figures so expect the standard issues there, but the sculpts all look pretty cool and if you wanted to add some historical Zombies to a fantasy game these would do the trick well.

If you find these interesting, or think I missed a Kickstarter that you would like to hear more about please share your thoughts with us via the Facebook group or at ourĀ email.